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[This is a note I prefaced posting this poem in FaceBook.  I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it by itself.]

I just wrote a poem, “RADICAL HYPOTHESIS.”

It paints a troubling and disturbing, prophetic portrait of our future.  And it has the ring of truth to me.

But when I thought of sharing it, I immediately pictured those friends who are doing everything beautifully, and empowering a good, bright future.  So is the vision faulty and flawed?

To the extent that the poem paints the clouds as though there were no breaks in the dark skies, then yes, it ignores them and is wrong.  And we need more, not less hope and optimism.

It just looks globally and there it feels true.  It looks at we the people, not we as individuals and families and communities.

So I guess I would ask my readers, as if my writing had any impact on anyone, if you have not yet, PLEASE WAKE UP!  And if you are awake and lending your shoulder to the critical tasks we face, THANK YOU!  BLESS YOU!  I LOVE YOU!  DON’T GIVE UP!!!



How Red The Sky Almost Ready!

I just finished my 7th proof of How Red The Sky.  Almost ready to publish!  🙂